WordPress meta_query Null Issue

Recently I came upon a bit of an issue while working on a custom pre_get_posts filter. This filter uses meta_query to only return posts with a custom field (an Advanced Custom Fields Date field) that either doesn’t exist or is greater than or equal to a certain value. To achieve this I was using the following code […]

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Enable opening Sublime Text 2 from Git Bash on Windows

I’ve recently been developing side projects on Windows using vagrant and puppet, but I needed a way to open non-project folders from command line. This will do the trick. Note: I use Git Bash with ConEmu, this likely won’t work on the normal Windows command line.

Remove WordPress autop From Images

I was recently working on a website for a client and was experiencing an odd margin issue with the top of the content. It turns out this was because of the WordPress autop function wrapping an image with a p tag. By default when you insert an image into the content in WordPress it wraps […]

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Seeking Out Help is Okay

There are things in life that we do or do not do out of fear of being judged, discredited, or even laughed at, and I’m no stranger to this inaction. In fact, most of the time I still don’t ask for help when I need it, but I hope that publishing this will encourage me […]

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Dive In

How’s that personal project coming along? Almost done? Fuck yes! However, if you’re like me, that probably hasn’t been the case for a long time. I have spent the better part of the last three years in a battle with myself. PHP sucks you say? Well shit, time to move to Django. Django is great, […]

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