Fix Mouse Acceleration and FOV in Fallout 4 on PC

Hello, fellow gamers! If you were like me and couldn’t wait to play Fallout 4 on PC, you were probably also like me and very disappointed to find out that Bethesda didn’t take the time to set reasonable defaults for mouse acceleration and include a Field of View (FOV) slider? C’mon Bethesda, you’ve been making games for a […]

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WordPress meta_query Null Issue

Recently I came upon a bit of an issue while working on a custom pre_get_posts filter. This filter uses meta_query to only return posts with a custom field (an Advanced Custom Fields Date field) that either doesn’t exist or is greater than or equal to a certain value. To achieve this I was using the following code […]

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Windows Explorer has stopped working. Fault module msvcr100.dll

This is a quick post before I go to bed. I’ve been having issues with some large Blu Ray MKV files on my PC crashing Windows Explorer when I try to open them. After much Googling, I found that other people were getting the same error as a result of Synergy, an awesome cross-platform keyboard […]

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Enable opening Sublime Text 2 from Git Bash on Windows

I’ve recently been developing side projects on Windows using vagrant and puppet, but I needed a way to open non-project folders from command line. This will do the trick. Note: I use Git Bash with ConEmu, this likely won’t work on the normal Windows command line.

Remove WordPress autop From Images

I was recently working on a website for a client and was experiencing an odd margin issue with the top of the content. It turns out this was because of the WordPress autop function wrapping an image with a p tag. By default when you insert an image into the content in WordPress it wraps […]

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